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July 2022

Hand forged iron cleek (golf club) maker  

This hand forged iron cleek (golf club) maker is probably from the workshop of James Anderson, who also traded as a blacksmith, and was likely made before 1900.

If anyone can give us any further information, or knows anything about the process of creating a cleek head from this stamp, we’d love to hear from you.


The home of golf will host The 150th Open at the Old Course, St Andrews 14th – 17th July. 

But did you know of the golf club makers of Anstruther? To celebrate the open, we are going to feature some of their work we have in the Kilrenny and Anstruther Burgh Collection.

Cleek (golf club) made in Anstruther

One of several golf clubs, or cleeks, in our collection, this was hand forged in Anstruther  by R Brodie and Sons.  They also made clubs for Old Tom Morris’ shop, with Old Tom’s head as  a cleekmark, around 1910.

Cleeks were made and sold under different   brands.  In the 15th Century,  a cleek, or cleque,  was a hook for catching hold of something;  the first recorded use of golfers’  “drivers and cleeks”   dates from  1829, in St Andrews.

Alex Anderson of Anstruther was one of the largest manufacturers, working well into the 1930’s. He inherited the business Anderson & Son from his father, James Anderson in the late 1800’s 

July 2022

With schools having finished for the summer holidays , we thought we would look back at some of the Cellardyke Primary objects in our collection.

For any years, School Dux (Leading Pupils) names were proudly displayed in their halls or entrances, and the awards of medals celebrated by families. We are pleased to display several Dux Boards  from Cellardyke School in our Collection.

The prize winners’ names were published each year in the newspapers. Here is a transcript of the article in the Dundee Courier Saturday 06 July 1935. There are familiar names here –

PRIZE-WINNING PUPILS AT CELLARDYKE. Prizes Cellardyke School children were presented at-the closing ceremony yesterday forenoon. Provost Carstairs addressed the scholars. . Principal prize-winners were:— senior 1. (girls) Elma Thomson, 2 Margaret Donaldson, 3 Margaret Stevenson.

Sewing —Joan Hiscock.

Senior I. (boys)—l Kenneth Keay, Wm. Dunsire, 3 George McKenzie

 Handwork —Archie Mitchell.

Good fellowship—James McLeod and Kathleen Smith.

Essay prize (R.N.L.I.) Jean Harris;

 S.S.P.C.A. —Alick Watson.

 Senior II. —1 Hannah Parker. 2 Margaret Watson, 3 James Smith. Knitting— Margaret Williamson.

Handwork —Alex. Lothian.

Senior 111. —1 Barbara Bowman, 2 Betty Watson. 3 Robert Deas. Junior I. (girls)—l Betty Bisset and Thomasina Stevenson, Betty Donaldson, Thomasina Bett.

Boys—l John Wilson, 2 William Gardner, 3 Robert Stevenson. Sewing—Ella Doig.

Junior 11. (girls)—l Marjorie Morrison and Elsie Wallace,2. Ena  Gow. Boys—l Henry Gardner, 2 Charlie Anderson, 3 John Parker.

 Junior 11. (West School) —1 William Ireland, 2 Jessie Thomson.

July 2022

Standing about four feet tall, this is the sign that hung outside  the Smugglers Inn, Anstruther, before it was gutted, renovated and turned into private accommodation.  Older residents may remember the parrot which sat in reception, and the excellent pizzas turned out from the Smugglers  oven back in the 1980s.  Sadly the parrot was stolen, and the pizza oven long-ago scrapped.  The sign was literally plucked from a skip by the late Alan Gordon, a stalwart of the Burgh Collection for many years.    

Glenn Jones

June 2022

Bill Flett, photographer of Anstruther, covered almost every important event in the East Neuk for decades. Bill was made our first honorary member of the Kilrenny and Anstruther Burgh Collection.

His battered camera case accompanied him everywhere he went, and is now in the archives of Kilrenny and Burgh Collection.  The accompanying photograph by Bill brilliantly captures the melancholy aftermath of the dreadful fire which destroyed the historic Chalmer’s Church in the early 1990’s, as the firefighters dampen down the flames on the morning after.  The photo was donated to the Burgh Collection by Bill, and is also in our archive.

Camera Case carried on all his assignments by Courier Photographer Bill Flett of  Anstruther

Glenn Jones

Bill captured the aftermath of the dreadful fire which destroyed Chalmer’s Church