People and Places

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After a brief explanation of the origins of Anstruther a number of historic houses are described together with an account of important and interesting people who have lived in them. A map is provided in the centre of the booklet to enable visitors to find these places for themselves.


  • The Fisher Lass
  • Captain Alexander Rodger, Cellardyke
  • Captain John Smith, East Green
  • Johnston Lodge & the Tahitian Princess
  • John Goodsir and the Hermitage
  • Bellfield and the Williamsons
  • David Martin & the Schoolhouse, School Green
  • Robert Louis Stevenson & Cunzie House
  • Robert Fowler, R.C.A., R.I.
  • William Tennant & 54 High Street
  • David Murray & the Murray Library
  • Thomas Chalmers & his Birthplace
  • Smugglers, Jacobites & Charles Wightman
  • The White House
  • Captain Keay of the Ariel
  • The Buckie House