Notable People of Anstruther & Cellardyke

Thomas Chalmers – was born on 17 March 1780 in a house on what is now Post Office Close. His family moved to the house now known as Chalmer’s House when he was a young boy. See the Thomas Chalmers page for more information.

Robert Fowler – late Victorian artist who largely worked in Liverpool, born in Cellardyke and baptised in Kilrenny Church in May 1850.

John Goodsir (1814-1867) – born in Anstruther and brought up at the Hermitage.  He studied at St Andrews and Edinburgh universities then practised medicine in Anstruther until 1840 when he went to Edinburgh to become Conservator of the Museum of the College of Surgeons, then professor of anatomy 1846-67. He was famous for his study of cytology.

David Martin – at an early age he showed a remarkable talent for drawing. He studied under Allan Ramsey in Rome and at the age of 22 won first prize in the Society of Arts competition with a black and white chalk drawing. See the David Martin page for more information.

David Murray – merchant of London and Adelaide was born in Anstruther but emigrated to Australia in 1853.  In his later years he paid frequent visits to Anstruther. He died in London in January 1907 leaving in his will £4000 to provide a library and reading room in his home town. He was buried in the Anstruther churchyard.

Captain Alexander Rodger – a sea captain and ship owner born November 1801 at 26 Shore Street, Cellardyke.

Captain John Smith – born in 1824 at 15 East Green. A lawyer and writer who was linked with the Leith Shipping Company.

William Tennant – was born in the High Street and became Professor of Oriental Languages at St Andrews University. In 1812 he wrote the popular poem ‘Anster Fair’.

Lieutenant Andrew Waid – bequeathed his fortune in 1804 for the benefit of local education. The Waid Academy in St Andrews Road is named after him.

Charles Wightman – lived in a house next to the site of Dreel Castle.  He was a merchant and smuggler who provided a safe refuge for defeated clansmen after the Battle of Culloden.