Welcome to the Kilrenny and Anstruther Burgh Collection. We are a registered charity, run by a small group of volunteers, which collects, publishes and exhibits material from the former Royal Burghs of Anstruther Easter, Anstruther Wester and Kilrenny (which includes Cellardyke). Since our formation in 1992 we have built up an archive of thousands of items.

A Community Resource – The Burgh Collection is not a museum although we have recently acquired a new permanent base in the East Neuk Centre, Ladywalk, Anstruther which will allow us to make the Collection more publicly accessible to visitors and family researchers. It is primarily a historical and educational resource for the community, both locally, and for all those across the world who have links to our beautiful part of Scotland and would like to share in the culture and rich history of these burghs.  We have helped people in the past track down relatives or found photographs of local places of which they have family connections.

Facebook  – We now have a Facebook page which is increasingly our first point of contact, It is our main outlet for news updates, and details of new accessions. It is also a great route to tapping into local knowledge. So please do  join the 600+ followers who Like us at facebook.com/anstrutherburghcollection.

Membership – We invite anyone with an interest in our history and heritage to support our work by becoming a member. Your £10 membership of the Burgh Collection gives us tremendous encouragement, as well as bolstering our modest budget. For those living locally, our AGM  is an opportunity to review the year’s activities, propose new activities and enjoy a talk arranged for the occasion. However, we are grateful to the members and supporters who do not live here but want keep in touch through Facebook and encourage us from afar. Joining is easy through Paypal on our Membership page.

Books – We publish books and booklets on the history of the area, which can be purchased by Paypal through our Bookshop page. Most of our publications are also on sale in East Neuk Book and the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Past and Present –  As well as collecting important documents, artefacts and books about the area we also actively collect ephemera from the past and present. These link us to past trades and industries which were once dominant such as oilskin or golf club manufacturing but which are no more. And while the familiar shop fronts on The Shore and Rodger Street may always seem familiar, photographs and items in our collection tell a story of constant change. Our exhibitions can include items as commonplace as advertising signs or paper bags from long gone shops which prompt memories from local people and visitors alike. So we collect such items from the present day to build an archive for the future.